The Sports & Activities Club and Recreation Department’s 39th Annual Lake Swim was held on Saturday, July 6 starting at Park 4 and finishing at our Main Beach. The swim start was open water at the end of Park 4 guest dock.  We had 90 registered swimmers and 87 competed. The youngest swimmer was 7 years old and the oldest was 70. Nick Elliott finished first with a time of 19:28.

For the first time in 39 years, our lake was Red Flagged for the safety of the athletes.  Our water support consisted of at least fifty kayakers and paddle-boarders, six pontoon boats and our own Public Safety.

Mark Lichtle and Emil Caruso were shooting Drone stills and video of the swim, so check out the highlights on our website at lopsac.com.

Our special Ann Marie Friedrich award of $50 was awarded to the youngest male (nine-year old Ryan Anthony) and female (seven-year old Elizabeth Anthony) swimmers in the unaided division.  Plan on joining us next year, for our 40th Annual Lake Swim.

Jim Nachtigal would like to thank his co-organizer, Kelly Nichols, for her endless support in making this year’s event a huge success.

Families for the Lake

Join us for a family get-together on Monday, Jan. 21 from 1:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m. in the Yacht Lounge. Please bring a fun game, toy or activity that your kids enjoy! This is a great opportunity for kids, parents and even grandparents to connect and make new friends. For more information about this event or this new LOP Group, contact Michelle McIntyre at [email protected] or (619) 920-1511. This group also has a Facebook page at: LOP – Families for the Lake

2018 Lake of the Pines Fishing Group Golf Tournament

Thank You for Helping Us Surpass Our Goal! The Lake of the Pines Fishing Group Golf Tournament Committee would like to extend our sincere thank you and appreciation to all the sponsors, LOP member and non-member golfers, donors, and benefactors for your commitment in making this event so successful. Without your contribution, the LOP Fishing Golf Tournament on October 14, 2018 would not have been the huge success that it was.

In addition to our major sponsors, Cody Meyer and Tackle Tours, we had over 19 groups of foursomes and 44 tee sponsors. We could not have done it without your help. It really turned out to be an enjoyable and exciting day. It was a great day for fun and fundraising. Together, with your support, we hope to make this an annual event that will bring the community together and raise funds for this important organization every year. Your participation means a lot.

Your generosity allowed us to meet and even surpassed our fundraising goal which will be used for stocking of trout in our beautiful Lake of the Pines. The tentative date for the “Trout Stocking” will be on December 15, 2018 and we hope to make this a community event.


1st Place: GROUP 6-A (Eddie Pena, Andy William, Gioni Bianchini and Dino Vittoria)
2nd Place: GROUP 4-A (Dave Maronic, Parris Krygsman, Damon Lazalier and Tom Daley)
3rd PlaceGROUP 5-A (Steve Drew, Ted Smith, Dave Holub and Steve Shure)


Putting Contest:        MARYROSE P. BARNHURST (1′ 2 ¾ “)
Closest to the Pin:     STEVE SHURE (6′ 5″)
Longest Drive Men:  JACK WOOD
Longest Drive Women: CAROLYN BECHLEY

Golf Tournament 1st Place: GROUP 6-A

Eddie Pena, Andy William, Gioni Bianchini and Dino Vittoria with Maryrose Barnhurst, Rutsy Stadtman, and Chris Swindell (Photo Credit Sean Perez)

1ST Prize TOSHIBA 50” TV Raffle Drawing Winner-Denise Mascari

Maryrose Barnhurst, Rusty Stadtman, Denise Mascari, Chris Swindell, and Frank Mascari (Photo Credit Sean Perez)

General Info

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You Can’t Fight These Big Fish




LOP Mini Fun Triathlon 2018

It’s that time of the year for our Mini Triathlon.  We decided to run it on Monday, September 3 starting at 8:00am at the main beach.
Last year we had over seventy volunteers and this year we’re planning on about 50 volunteers to make this a success.
If you are available, please contact us as soon as possible.
We are in need of a few volunteers who can round up donations from our local businesses.
Our major sponsor this year is Kathy Carey-Mayberry with HouseBiz Brokerage.
We are advertising in the Pines Times, LOP Newspaper, All Facebook pages, Signage outside the gate and inside the gate as you drive in.
The swim is 1/4 mile, run is 3.8 miles and bike is 5 miles.  This should be an easy triathlon for all. We have two categories, Individual and teams.  Teams can have up to three athletes.
Pass this information on to all of your friends, family, Pinesmen, Sirs and Firebelles.