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Sports and Activities Club by Dee Demorest and Gwen Tillisch / Steve Kompolt

May 2021

May. It is looking a lot merrier than it did last year. LOP venues are open again, some limited usage, but “open’. It is very nice to see that now. Hazel Park is on its way to being a usable park again. Our Sports and Activities life is looking better every day.

Welcome to a brand-new SAC Group-Kayak Fish and Recreation!

Troy Smith is the leader, and he is full of ideas and plans that will make kayaking a whole new way to enjoy our lake. Lessons, paddling groups, and fishing groups are just some of his ideas. Troy is looking forward to meeting any of you who also enjoy kayaking or think you might like to give it a try. Contact Troy at [email protected].

Non-SAC item: A reminder to our new residents and others, that May and June are birthing months for our LOP deer. The does leave their tiny fawns alone, sometimes for hours, while they go off to graze. They will return to the baby. DO NOT pick up a fawn that seems “abandoned.”  It is not! Mother Nature has this all figured out.

Read on to find a SAC Group that sounds interesting and fun to you then give it a try.

For up-to-date information on meeting sites and times, go to LOPSAC.com.

Bocce Board

Good news the 2021 Bocce Season is here, and we are excited to “GO” ahead!

Individual and Team applications are available on this page and at the LOP Pro Shop.

UPDATE to the 2021 Bocce Season:

League Play begins Sunday, June 6th.  

All teams must register In Person.

Turn in Individual Application and Payment ($20 pp) to the LOP Pro Shop by 5:00 pm on May 1, 2021 

In Person Team Registration schedule on Saturday, May 8th, :

Location: Yacht Lounge deck

“Keep the Night You Have” will be 9:00am – 12:00 noon

( If a team fails to register on May 8th from 9am until 12pm they will                lose their night)

“First Come, First Serve” * see note, will be, 12:00 noon – 1:00pm

*Note: First Come, First Serve is newly formed teams or teams who have voluntarily dropped their 2019 night of play.

*PLEASE be sure all applications are complete with all LOT #’s and signatures!  One Team Check payable to LOP Bocce Board ($20 per player)

Late Team Registration Deadline May 10th  5:00pm

Arrangement by email: [email protected]

Captains Meeting will be May 24th 4:00 pm at the Bocce courts.

Team Schedules will be sent to Captains on May 28th

*Participation is with informed consent outlined by the CA Dept of Public Health Covid-19 Guidelines for Recreational Adult Sports. Hand sanitizer will be on site.

The Bocce Board is looking for volunteers for the 2021-2022 Season.  Contact [email protected] for info!

The Bocce Board meetings have been re-instated on the third Thursday of every month at 4:00 p.m., location TBD. All members are welcome.

The Bocce Board has agreed to extend for the 2021 season, but additional Bocce Board members are needed. This is a fun and rewarding volunteer position. Please email [email protected] if interested.

Happy 2021 Season from your Bocce Board!

Application, Individual – 2021

Application, Team – 2021

Bocce League By-Laws 2021

2021 LOP Bocce Ball Rules

For more information contact Christy Swider at [email protected]

Cocktails and Coloring

Spring is here, bringing with it the hope that we Cocktails & Coloring Ladies will soon be gathering together! Think Pink Cocktails and Coloring Spring Flowers, enjoying gathering together outdoors in the garden. Just cannot wait!

If you are interested in joining our fun group of ladies, please contact Peggy Fenstermacher at (925) 980-1220 or [email protected].

Happy Spring!

Families for the Lake

Thank you to everyone in the community who helped support the Easter Scavenger Hunt! We feel so fortunate to live in a community where we can offer these fun activities.

We have recently started some fun new outdoor activities for the kids with Terri Tucker from the Bear River Garden Club. Kids enjoyed painting rocks for the LOP Rock Snake, and planting seeds and flowers in pots to take home.

We are still in the planning phase, but FFTL is working with LOPA to get some more outdoor movies in our community. For details on upcoming events, join us on Facebook at LOP-Families for the Lake or email Michelle at [email protected].

Fishing Group

The Fishing Group is always up to something! You can check out our social media posts for the latest news and updates. If you have any questions or would like to join the Fishing Group contact Director Rusty Stadtman at (916) 502-1558 or Assistant Director Richard Mattison at (831) 682-8355.


The Lake of the Pines Pickleball group is active here in LOP. We have over 100 members who enjoy participating in the fastest growing sport in America! Pickleball is a paddle sport created for all ages and skill levels. The rules are simple, and the game is easy for beginners to learn. But it can develop into a quick, fast-paced, competitive game for experienced players.

The pickleball courts in LOP are temporarily located on Tennis Court 2 while we await the construction of new permanent pickleball courts in Hazel Park. We have open play for all skill levels daily Monday through Saturday from 9:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m. There is also a women’s only group that plays on Monday afternoons from 3:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m. Equipment is provided, and experienced members are on hand to show new players how the game works. There are clinics, social events, and tournaments held throughout the year.

The game has become particularly popular among people in their 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, and even 80s looking for an activity that offers good aerobic exercise without being as strenuous as traditional racket sports, which affords players the chance to socialize during the game.

Come down and give it a try! Contact Sean Tener at (916) 208-8751 for information.

Pine Needlers

Happy Mothers’ Day to all the LOP moms!

The Pine Needlers are a group of very committed ladies with a passion for carrying on with their craft even during COVID. With the meeting rooms closed, we continue to meet on the deck of the Yacht Lounge on Tuesday and Thursday, weather permitting. We have even had a few new ladies join the Thursday group.

If you are interested in knowing more about our group, contact Gwen Tillisch at 728-3048.


Qigong (The Art of Effortless Power) is an age-old Chinese healing and therapeutic modality which utilizes breathing techniques, meditation, and special movements to promote health and well-being. Qigong helps to reduce stress, increase balance, coordination, and memory; and bring together mind, body, and spirit.

The practice of Qigong, since the COVID pandemic hit the USA, has become a very popular consideration to relieve stress and to bring calm to our concerned society. The Armed Forces use this modality and many doctors now suggest this practice. The marketplace has introduced new products that were inspired by Qigong movements. As advertised on TV, there is a handheld blood pressure reducer, a shaking machine, and a balancing gimmick.

Make a good decision; start that path of enlightenment to bring health, positivity, and less stress into your daily life. It is easy, so join our Qigong class today.

Classes currently take place over Zoom.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.

Tuesday and Thursday 5:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m.

Contact us for information on joining. New members are welcome any time.

Qigong Teacher: To join, and for information and handouts relating directly to the practice of Qigong, contact Keith Vincent at 906-7065 or email at [email protected].

Zoom Activation and Information: Sylvia Waddell at (408) 341-5444 or email at [email protected].

RV Ramblers

Hello, LOP Ramblers and Neighbors!

Our January Jackson Rancheria trip had to be cancelled, unfortunately due to weather. A couple of campers did hook up to head out to Moss Landing and the weather could not have been better. The margaritas at Whole Enchilada are always a great treat. We have not heard from the desert tribe who headed to Yuma, but we imagine the trip went well and the weather unbeatable. A few campers managed to get out to Bodega Bay, but as it goes this time of year, the weather was not all that cooperative. However, you cannot beat the ocean, the bay, and the fresh crab.

Our biggest trip by far will take place in June to the Clio/Graeagle area. Campers will be at Clio’s River Edge, and several others have rented cabins near one another. This is expected to be our major trip of the year, not to go without mentioning it will be the largest group outing the Ramblers have ever taken. We are expecting this trip to be loads of fun with great stories to share, sightseeing, during and after our trip. There’s still time to join us if you have not made plans yet. Golfing, fishing, hiking, ATVs, bocce, music, and happy hours will be only a small part of the great fun we will have.

Y’all come join us.  Reach out to Mark Sechler at [email protected] or Kim Sechler at [email protected].

Tai  Chi

Our group continues to meet outdoors, gathering on the parking lot facing the Main Beach at Park 1 every Thursday morning from 9:30 a.m.-10:30 a.m. If there is inclement weather, we can now shelter ourselves in the Sports Lounge that has re-opened.

A slow and graceful way of practicing martial art movements, Tai Chi had its beginnings in China, then introduced here over 60 years ago, gradually gaining in popularity as a form of exercise for young and old. It is good for increasing and maintaining our overall health and physical wellbeing, and also a gentle way of regaining strength, stamina, balance and coordination for those who may have been convalescing. We warm up and stretch with sets of Qigong exercise, then practice our 24 movements, the most popular form of Tai Chi everywhere.

We have been welcoming several new participants to our class.  Call Louise Chan at 268-8606 me if you are interested in joining us. Leave a clear message and I will return your call.

Ukes of the Pines

The Ukulele group is not meeting at this time due to the virus threat. Call Pat Brothen at 268-9113 if you have any questions. Let us hope we will eventually be back to normal in 2021.

LOP Voice on Facebook

Come join us on LOP Voice, a Facebook group created by Lake of the Pine members for LOP homeowners and renters to discuss their community. This group is not for complaining. It is a format where we can bring awareness, make suggestions, and implement positive changes within our community. LOP Voice is also Jan Kucharski Cantwell’s priority source of alerting LOP neighbors about local incidents such as fires, accidents, traffic, weather, and our Neighborhood watch program.

Log into Facebook, search for “LOP Voice” and ask to join. We look forward to seeing you on LOP Voice.


The Water Ski Club met for a morning of water skiing and community service.

The LOP outdoor event tables were in some dire need of restoration. Sandy DesAutel offered to help and coordinated the event hosted by Shauri Tobias. The Ski Club sanded and refinished the tables in anticipation of them being used a lot this summer for special events. We had a great time, and our efforts benefited the community.

For more information about the Water Ski Club contact Steve Bock at 268-2767.

Waterskiing (Left-Right) John Mcevoy, Steve Bock, Steve Rosenthal, and Shauri Tobias (Photo credit: Mark Smith)
Sanding Tables (Left-Right) Drew Hubal, Phil Green, and Leonard Schaefer (Photo credit: Steve Bock)
Finished Tables (Left-Right) Mark Smith, Jennifer Smith, Sandy DesAutel, Nick Bull, Mark Randazzo, Phil Green, John Mcevoy, and Shauri Tobias (Photo credit: Steve Bock)

WIN (Women in Networking)

Attention businesswomen! We have a group called WIN (Women in Networking). We meet each month on the second Wednesday at 12:30 p.m. to share ideas, network and support each other. For more information, contact Dr. Lynne Sullivan at 718-4102 or [email protected].

Wines in the Pines

Hello again wine enthusiasts! We have announced our start up for Wines in the Pines and are preparing to begin our events. Tuesday, May 4 is our first Wines in the Pines target date. The presenting winery is to be determined.

As most of you may already know, Wines in the Pines is sponsoring a very special event scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, June 26 and 27, in The Clubhouse. It will be a performance of the Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber including dinner. Enjoy the musical performances of Bianca Orsi, Ricardo Balderas, Stacey Anderson, D’Arcy Smith, and Larry Nicholl. This event may be rescheduled again based on the ever-changing restrictions but is currently now planned and sold out. This event has been changed to two nights instead of one. Ticketholders should email [email protected] with any questions and your preference on which night you would like to attend. Thank you, ticketholders, for your patience!

For more information about the Andrew Lloyd Webber concert and Wines in the Pines events, visit our Facebook page at facebook.com/groups/lopwinesinthepines. Members also get first-hand information on special promotions offered exclusively to us by local wineries.

Reservations are made only by emailing [email protected] For questions, please contact Paul Petrali at (916) 628-7285.


Our goal is to encourage, promote, and organize activities for all ages that help bring the community together around fun sports and other social and community events.

Our vision is to involve every resident in LOP in one of our groups, to gather new residents together to make them feel welcome, promote member communication and involvement in the community.

Come join our group and be a part of the fun!

To join SAC’s  Facebook page click “Join” on the Facebook page or email Karen Mills at [email protected]  Please include your Lot# or LOP address.

Lake of the Pines History Book

To get your copy contact Ron Trimble at 268-1917 or [email protected].