General drop-in is 8:30 Monday – Saturday

2017 LOP SAC Pickleball Tournament – June 3rd, 2017 – 7:30 AM

Pairings are set. Come watch the fun!

24 people – Round robin – 3 courts

2016 LOP SAC Pickleball Tournament photos on Facebook

Group Managers
Sean  Tener, 916-208-8751 or [email protected]
or Ron Bomhoff,  268-2006 or [email protected]
Pickleball is a sport described as “a combination of ping pong, tennis, and badminton”.
Simplified Rules
Pickleball History
Open Play Schedule
  Monday through Saturday at 9AM (for the winter)
Equipment Provided

The nets, paddles and balls are in the lock box at the courts. There are 3 ways to get a Pickleball equipment key:

1. Purchase an annual key for $25 through the Sports & Activities Club. Call Dee Demorest,268-1444, or Ron Bomhoff, 268-2006.
2. For daily usage keys are available at the LOP Administration during the week or at the Front Gate on evenings or weekends.
3. Or play with someone who has a key.
USA Pickleball Association
Official Pickleball Rules

International Federation of Pickleball (IFP) Official Tournament Rulebook – http://www.ipickleball.org/rules/pbrules-ifp.pdf

For Code of Ethics for Line-Calling see 6.D. in IFP Official Tournament Rulebook