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MARCH 9th, Trout Fishing education day at LOP.

Thank You for Helping Us Surpass Our Goal! The Lake of the Pines Fishing Group Golf Tournament Committee would like to extend our sincere thank you and appreciation to all the sponsors, LOP member and non-member golfers, donors, and benefactors for your commitment in making this event so successful. Without your contribution, the LOP Fishing Golf Tournament on October 14, 2018 would not have been the huge success that it was.

In addition to our major sponsors, Cody Meyer and Tackle Tours, we had over 19 groups of foursomes and 44 tee sponsors. We could not have done it without your help. It really turned out to be an enjoyable and exciting day. It was a great day for fun and fundraising. Together, with your support, we hope to make this an annual event that will bring the community together and raise funds for this important organization every year. Your participation means a lot.

Your generosity allowed us to meet and even surpassed our fundraising goal which will be used for stocking of trout in our beautiful Lake of the Pines. The tentative date for the “Trout Stocking” will be on December 15, 2018 and we hope to make this a community event.


1st Place: GROUP 6-A (Eddie Pena, Andy William, Gioni Bianchini and Dino Vittoria)
2nd Place: GROUP 4-A (Dave Maronic, Parris Krygsman, Damon Lazalier and Tom Daley)
3rd Place: GROUP 5-A (Steve Drew, Ted Smith, Dave Holub and Steve Shure)


Putting Contest:        MARYROSE P. BARNHURST (1′ 2 ¾ “)
Closest to the Pin:     STEVE SHURE (6′ 5″)
Longest Drive Men:  JACK WOOD
Longest Drive Women: CAROLYN BECHLEY

Golf Tournament 1st Place: GROUP 6-A

Eddie Pena, Andy William, Gioni Bianchini and Dino Vittoria with Maryrose Barnhurst, Rutsy Stadtman, and Chris Swindell (Photo Credit Sean Perez)

1ST Prize TOSHIBA 50” TV Raffle Drawing Winner-Denise Mascari

Maryrose Barnhurst, Rusty Stadtman, Denise Mascari, Chris Swindell, and Frank Mascari (Photo Credit Sean Perez)

General Info

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You Can’t Fight These Big Fish



1. A float-tube is defined as any fishing tube or other device from which a person is fishing, including but not limited to rafts, inner tubes, pontoon type portable boats, or any similar devices.

2. The planting / stocking of fish, other aquatic animals, or plants in LOP waters is prohibited unless approved in writing by the Board of Directors and General Manager.

3. All LOP waters (main lake, Hazel Lake, Huck Finn Pond, entrance pond) are open to sport fishing all year, day and night.

4. Youths under 16 must abide by minimum size and possession (bag) limits established for licensed anglers.

5. All fishing laws and regulations of the State of California apply to all LOP waters and anglers. State Fish and Game Wardens are authorized to enforce all such laws/rules in LOP waters.

6. When boats towing persons on devices are in the 35 mph area of the lake, fishing is restricted to the 5 mph (flat wake) areas.

7. Sunset to sunrise, fishing boats must display an anchor light or navigation lights as required by California law.

8. Minimum size limits and daily possession (bag) limits per angler are: a. Bass (largemouth, smallmouth, redeye): 14 inches or longer; bag limit 2. b. Catfish and bullheads: No size limit; bag limit 10. c. Pan fish (redear sunfish, bluegill, black crappie, green sunfish); no size limit; bag limit 10 in aggregate.

9. The following are prohibited: a. Use of live fin-fish (minnows) for bait. b. Spear fishing. c. Fishing from Association beaches or swimming areas. d. Fishing from private lakefront lots and docks without permission from the owner. – 9I –

10. Anglers are encouraged to practice catch-and-release fishing all year for bass. Anglers are also urged to not catch large numbers of bass or redear sunfish on their spawning beds from April through June.

11. The main lake is closed to all fishing when the RED FLAG is flying from the pole on the Clubhouse Point and/or Southshore Park (4).

12. Non-member/guest anglers must be accompanied by their sponsoring LOP member. Unaccompanied violators will be asked to leave and the sponsoring member cited.