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Sports and Activities Club by Dee Demorest / Steve Kompolt

Updated July 8, 2019
We still have a lot of summer left to enjoy.

Our beautiful lake has been very busy with skiers, ‘boarders, SUPs (Stand Up Paddle Boards-very popular now), pontoon boat tie-together parties on quiet evenings, and, of course, our intrepid fishermen trying to catch the Rainbow trout. I hope you have seen our Bald Eagle keeping his eagle eye out on everything.

The Pickleball courts are filled several times a day, with players waiting on the side lines for their turn to play. The grassy area at Hazel Park is a draw for pick up Soccer games and family parties. Lake swim, sailing, horseshoes at Shadow Park, and our wonderful ‘Fourth’, so much going on here. LOP’ers really do enjoy getting outside in our community. They are not a SAC Group, but the video of the Great 2019 Goat Stampede last month when the hired weed eaters escaped and ran through the neighborhood was hilarious. It’s been a summer for making memories.

We are welcoming another new group, WIN (Women in Networking). And, Line Dancing is presenting ‘Hootenanny’ again on Monday, August 12. It was a huge hit last year with dancing, food trucks, lessons, and more. All the details are below. Do not miss it!

FYI, SAC requires no dues or ‘sign-ups.’ If you live here, you are a member of SAC. Take a look at the Sports and Activities listed below. There is literally something for everyone.


Be sure to check the the individual pages of your sport or activity for more news and information!

Our goal is to encourage, promote, and organize activities for all ages that help bring the community together around fun sports and other social and community events.

Our vision is to involve every resident in LOP in one of our groups, to gather new residents together to make them feel welcome, promote member communication and involvement in the community.

Come join our group and be a part of the fun!

To join SAC’s  Facebook page click “Join” on the Facebook page or email Karen Mills at [email protected]  Please include your Lot# or LOP address.

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